I've worked on lots of different games from different genres in a variety of roles, from shooters to top down games, and even some mobile stuff.

 Primate Press 

Role: Lead Programmer (C#)
Type: Commercial Release (Correct Rejection)
Engine: Unity
Platform: Android

Primate Press is a free, multiplayer game published to the Google Play Store, featuring 3 gamemodes. Players swap tiles to create words and gain a high score.
I built most of the game's logic, and implemented Google Play functionality for leaderboards and achievements, I was also heavily involved in the process of publishing the app to the store.


We Go Forth

Role: Particle Effects/Programming (C#)/Level Design/Game Design
Type: University Project (8 man team)
Engine: Unity
Platform: Windows

We Go Forth is a 4 player cooperative game, featuring 6 unique classes. The game is played from a topdown perspective and requires Xbox controllers to play. We Go Forth was the product of a vast amount of effort from our team, and was my final year project during my degree. I was one of the team leads in charge of the gameplay design, I build most of the internal systems in C#. I also worked on the game's particle effects, level design and even produced the game's sound (though not the music)


 Quantum Shitstorm

Role: Level Design/Programming (C#)
Type: Game Jam (5 man team)
Engine: Unity
Platform: Windows

Quantum Shitstorm is a first person puzzle game, similar to Portal in design. It features dynamic gravity and unique, color and lighting based puzzles. I was responsible for the player's movement system, gravity mechanics and level design.

Web Build:

Extraction Point, 2013


Role: Programming (Lua)/Game Design
Type: Free Time Project (2 man team)
Engine: Source (Garrysmod Gamemode)
Platform: Windows/OSX

The game is build in Lua as a custom gamemode for Garrysmod (on the Source Engine)
As such, we use maps, models and other art assets from Counter-Strike and Half Life 2. But all code and weaponry are unique and created by our team.



Role: Particle Effects/Programming (C#)/Design
Type:Commercial Release (Correct Rejection)
Engine: Unity
Platform: Android

Pollex is a top down Shoot'em'up (or Shmup) designed for Android.

Download: TBA, still WIP!







Role: Particle Effects/Visual Design
Type: Volunteer Work (Mod)
Engine: Source
Platform: Windows/OSX

Empires is a team based FPS, featuring RTS elements (each team has a commander) and complex infantry and tank gameplay. I created the particle effects for the game, featuring machine guns, explosions, nukes, grenades and much more. Empires was one of my early projects and was where I first learned to use Particle editors to create a large variety of effects.



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